The world of the performing arts, the experience on stage or behind the scenes, the magic of the floodlights, music and dance capture the imaginations of many young people and attract true talents. But bringing a show to life also means a great deal of sacrifice, hard work, significant commitment, dedicated study, and a quest for perfection.

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Talenti on Stage

The La Scala Academy is a school like no other in the world because it provides training to all the various professional figures associated with musical theatre, guiding them step by step to mastery of the stage. This requires a special approach to teaching, a hands-on approach with roots reaching back to the Renaissance bottegas. And it demands exceptional teachers who are able to communicate a heritage of inestimable value reaching back across the centuries.

The Talents on Stage project, a joint initiative of the Academy and Fondazione TIM to provide scholarships to young La Scala students, places the accent on the importance of promoting cultural activities and excellence in training.

Thanks to the contributions received, aspiring dancers, orchestra musicians, tailors, makeup artists, singers, accompanists, sound technicians, and members of the choir can all pursue their dreams, reach their highest level, and become custodians of a unique body of knowledge and expertise.

The enthusiasm and passion of those who bring a performance to the stage are nourished above all by the support of an equally enthusiastic and passionate audience.

Help keep them thriving in our students!


For every euro donated to the TALENTS ON STAGE project, Fondazione TIM will contribute a matching donation up to a maximum of €200,000.

Goal: €400,000

Nearly half of the students at the La Scala Academy come from other regions of Italy or from abroad. This means they have to find lodging in Milan (and those in the Ballet School are minors), putting a strain on family finances. The Talents on Stage project has set the ambitious objective of generating one hundred sixty scholarships worth a total of four hundred thousand euros.

This will cover the tuition for 2 theatre hair and makeup artists, 3 sound technicians, 2 tailors, 22 dancers, 6 opera singers, 10 opera coaches, 75 orchestra musicians, and 40 members of the choir.

One hundred sixty vitally important scholarships to allow an equal number of young people to develop their talents to the highest level!

Those wishing to donate more than €5,000 should make a direct credit transfer to:

Fondazione Accademia Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo Teatro alla Scala  

BANCA PROSSIMA SPA - IT 51 D 03359 01600 10000 00115 89

Specify “Talenti on Stage” in the payment memo.

Please send the donation receipt to so that we can immediately update progress toward our goal!

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