The world of the performing arts, the experience on stage or behind the scenes, the magic of the floodlights, music and dance capture the imaginations of many young people and attract true talents. But bringing a show to life also means a great deal of sacrifice, hard work, significant commitment, dedicated study, and a quest for perfection.

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Fondazione tim donated at 29 august 2018
Proscaenium donated at 02 august 2018
Paola pavirani golinelli donated at 16 july 2018
Margot alberti de mazzeri donated at 16 july 2018
Nice barberis figari donated at 12 july 2018
Luca livi donated at 11 july 2018
Fondazione tim donated at 10 july 2018
Luca L. donated at 09 july 2018
Paola fattorini donated at 09 july 2018
Laura colombo donated at 05 july 2018
Fondazione pasquinelli donated at 03 july 2018
Rotary club milano leonardo da vinci naviglio grande. donated at 02 july 2018
Hélène de prittwitz zaleski donated at 02 july 2018
Fondazione milano per la scala donated at 25 june 2018
Fondazione rocca donated at 18 june 2018
Associazione italiana commercio chimico donated at 15 june 2018
Luigi e patrizia staffico donated at 13 june 2018
Liliana gallo montarsolo donated at 08 june 2018
Fondazione bracco donated at 05 june 2018
Andreina bassetti rocca donated at 05 june 2018
Daria tinelli di gorla donated at 21 may 2018
Ludovico rocca donated at 21 may 2018
Sylvia S. donated at 18 may 2018
Stefano caspani donated at 17 may 2018

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